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All About Potty Mouth

So for uni, we’re having to create our personal online identity – how we want to be perceived on the Internet. This video I made last night strongly alludes to the kind of open and honest identity I want to pursue and also really gets at the heart of what Potty Mouth is all about (expect to see it on the ‘What is Potty Mouth Anyway?’ page in the coming days).


Hello world!

Here it is: my first blog post. Time to set up some rules:
1. Do a post every time I go to the toilet for sit-downs.
2. Edit posts only after they’ve been published from the toilet and only to add hypertext like this ‘About Me’ page.
3. DO NOT talk about poop.

Glad that’s cleared up. Now, you’re probably wondering why I’ve started this blog and why I’m executing it in such an unusual fashion. The reason is simple: in the past I’ve tried to set up blogs but don’t find constant opportunities to blog. Mandatory blog posts per extended toilet session should remedy this.

Anyway, it’s getting late now and I’m done here (if you catch my drift).

Shit just got real… literally.