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Smelly Fingertips

That song about “having nothing to hide” is playing somewhere. What a great song. I could sit here all night and listen to it… just key changed – fantastic.

I think all this humidity has fried my brain.

I filmed some stuff at a cemetery today. I thought we’d get told off but we didn’t.

A friend bought me some Doritos, Tiny Teddies, chocolate and a big bottle of lemon, lime and bitters. Lucky me.

Another friend played the recorder and it sounded a bit like this.


Nervous Poo

Ever heard of the nervous poo concept? To some, it’s known as phantom poos (“anxiety shits” was one I just heard) and it’s pretty straightforward.

If you’ve ever had to perform in sport, performing arts, music or elsewhere, you may have encountered the nervous poo. It’s the sensation of one needing to poo but, in reality, they don’t really have to at all.

Tonight, I’m singing for the college band, QCDC, and, as I write this, I’m hatching a plan that will hopefully safeguard against the almost inevitable nervous poo. Only time will tell – there’s probably a 75% chance you’ll get another post from me before I’m due on stage.

All the Chris Martins in My Life

I momentarily stopped breathing when I discovered that ‘Chris Martin’ was following my blog this afternoon. For half a second, I truly believed that the Coldplay frontman had thought my blog to be of enough cultural value that it was best to be up-to-date with my musings and philosophical findings. Reality soon hit home when I discovered that ‘Chris Martin’ was, in fact, not old mate from Coldplay (sorry, ‘Chris Martin’. I mean no offense by all this. I’m sure you’re a standout fella who possesses an equal or greater amount of talent than the whole band combined. You must be involved in a lot of Chris Martin related conversations/gags. I’m sorry to have bothered you).

“Good” Charlotte

Do you know what’s sad? I’ve had Good Charlotte’s I Just Wanna Live stuck in my head all day. Why? It hasn’t even played anywhere recently. It’s just unfair. Could that band be any worse too? Joel or Benji or whoever the hell sings has got one of the most grating voices and generally sounds like a whiner.

What a way to spend your birthday.

Fire in the Disco

Silent discos are unreal. Such a trippy idea that works so well. It’s pretty funny when you take your headphones off and hear a room full of people singing in a range of keys and losing their shit to seemingly no music. Midnight to 3am, craziest event ever. And what better way to cap it off than with a 5:30am fire alarm. I’m freakin’ tired.