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Tell him he’s dreamin’

Oh dear. I have less ten days to film over half an hour’s worth of footage. Filming at least 3 minutes of screen time every day? I’m screwed. So so screwed.


Smelly Fingertips

That song about “having nothing to hide” is playing somewhere. What a great song. I could sit here all night and listen to it… just key changed – fantastic.

I think all this humidity has fried my brain.

I filmed some stuff at a cemetery today. I thought we’d get told off but we didn’t.

A friend bought me some Doritos, Tiny Teddies, chocolate and a big bottle of lemon, lime and bitters. Lucky me.

Another friend played the recorder and it sounded a bit like this.

The Man with the Plans

At this time in two weeks, I will be lapping up the first day of my super-extended Summer break. Here are some goals for the holiday period that I’ve just come up with:
– Earn butt loads of money.
– Watch some great TV (I’ve notably got The Sopranos to catch up on most of all).
– Make another documentary.
– Go see mah girlfriend in Perth.
– Do some other awesome things.

These seem as good a place to start as any.

Feeling Overexposed

What a bummer. With the end of the production phase of our documentary looming, we had our “last” shoot today (“last” because we learned, upon playback, the footage is way too overexposed). It’s a fault on no one’s part; I won’t bore you with jargon but we took pretty much all the precautions to make sure the footage turned out awesome but the filmmaker gods frowned upon us today.

Now I’m going to cheer up with some Clash of Kings (yes, I’m a slow reader) and get some other work done.

Doco Updates

I’ve almost reached the end of post-production for my uni documentary. I’ve preferred shooting a doco to the drama we filmed last semester because I’m more emotionally invested in the topic of our film this semester and it’s going to be a real achievement when it all comes together.

Two Jay is chugging along nicely but there’s been a bit of a drought in video uploads because Final Cut Pro keeps failing to export the latest ep to YouTube. I’ve restarted the computer and hopefully we’ll see episode four online in a few hours.

“We are self-appointed storytellers for our culture”

Earlier today, I had the honour of meeting Academy Award winner Adam Elliot, an animation filmmaker (whose personal affiliation with and various roles within film production deserve the self-appointed title of “storyteller”) who has blessed Australian cinema with gems such as Mary and Max and his Oscar winning short, Harvie Krumpet.

When I visited a Mary and Max exhibition in Geelong a few years ago, I must’ve gotten the wrong imression of Elliot. Clips with his fellow crew members presented Elliot as being rather ungrateful or demanding of his crew. I think that, if Elliot did offer such a demeanour, it would be to spur his colleagues on in producing a world-class feature film (at least this is what I gather from his enthusiasm to make brilliant films). His crew have either misconstrued the motive behind his dealings with them or unfairly demand too much praise.

In general, I found Elliot’s lecture to be so inspiring and his filmmaking style seems to reflect mine. I’m not saying that I want to pursue animation; our similar affinity to filmmaking lies in our approach to “storytelling”. He writes real life people he encounters into his script. I’m always trying to film others around me or document their lives in some way. This is where my life is headed – I know I’m going to end up pointing the camera at everything around me.

Feels a bit GTA…

The Game of Thrones project I’m working on at the moment is proving to be one of the most exciting things I’ve done this year. Currently, I’ve almost finished editing the first scene and have something massive planned for a shoot on Monday: a flyover of Melbourne.

YEH BOI. Jumping in a light aircraft and filming Melbourne like it’s no one’s business. I must say I’m puzzled about the logistics of filming this (something I’ll sort out tomorrow) and it’s definitely not without its potential risks but my pilot has flown this path before and is a total lad.

The project’s also proving a great opportunity to try out my new toy: the Canon 60D. I confess: I’m a bit of a camera noob but practice makes perfect and a feature film of roughly 60 minutes is sure to get my skills up.