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Busking 101

What’s this? I’m blogging twice in 24 hours?!

I must admit: I’ve been put on the spot and I’m utterly unprepared for this. I think I’ll just upload a photo from my iPhone archive and discuss it:


Yep, what you see is what you get: that is a penguin playing the bagpipes. You’d be quick to laugh at him but I reckon this guy would be scoring big time in the busking department.

First of all, he’s playing a pretty unconventional busking instrument. “Damn,” you’d say to yourself. “I can’t remember the last time I saw someone playing the bagpipes in public like that.” Then you’d remember that dude at the MCG playing a footy team anthem on the pipes and you’d think that this penguin is far less annoying than that guy and, almost unwittingly, you throw a couple of coins at the arctic creature.

And that’s just it: he’s a penguin. You’d be mad not to give him some money. When else are you going to see this kind of thing? Pretty often apparently – I saw a dog-suited busker playing guitar on Friday night. Busking in weird and whacky costumes is definitely becoming a global tactic – I encountered many a strange-looking busker whilst walking down a main city strip in Barcelona (you know the one I’m talking about if you’ve been there).

So if you’re ever stuck for money, head for a busy place, whip out your gorilla, Grover or Elmo suit and play a few tunes on the ukulele. You’ll never need a job again.