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Beginner’s Luck

Last night, for the first time ever, I gambled at the casino. It’s probably 3 years overdue but I finally tried my luck with a $100 limit… to much success.

I started off the night with some Blackjack, lost a bit and broke even by the time I decided I’d try my hand at pretty much the only thing the house can’t win at: poker.

I’ve played poker with my eldest brother for some years now so this was definitely something I felt safer with… until I was $50 down some hours later. Cue a couple of big hands and I finished up $73 up! My secret: just bided my time waiting for a sure thing… though nothing’s ever really sure when you gamble. It was a great night and although I made money, I’m definitely not going to start making a habit out of it.


Less Hair = More Money

I’m saving so much money on haircuts at the moment. Usually, I’m spending $37 a month to bring my unkempt mop back to something more civilised but, having had my head shaved at the start of May, I haven’t spent a dime on my hair since. Even better, I’ve just had a friend tidy up the back and sides for free (nice job, Big Macauls).

Saving $444 a year is a good enough excuse to keep my hair pretty short for a long time. My fringe also can’t poke my eyes anymore, making more enjoyable the activity of running (an activity made less enjoyable after my iPod Mini stopped working while I was out on a run a few days ago. I’ve had it since April. Can my run with technology get any worse?).

Mylo Xyloto’d

Someone’s in my normal loo… waaah.

Bought my Coldplay ticket this morning! November cannot come any quicker. I aim to crowd surf onto the stage and high five Chris Martin before being tackled to the ground and removed from Etihad Stadium by security (not really though – I paid $150 to be in the mosh pit so I’m naturally inclined to make every cent count when I look at my withering bank balance).

Best leave now, I’m on a tight schedule tonight: watch ‘Community’ with the girlfriend, do some more essay research and be in bed at a reasonable hour. Also, I had risotto for dinner and it was a touch better than mediocre.