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“We are self-appointed storytellers for our culture”

Earlier today, I had the honour of meeting Academy Award winner Adam Elliot, an animation filmmaker (whose personal affiliation with and various roles within film production deserve the self-appointed title of “storyteller”) who has blessed Australian cinema with gems such as Mary and Max and his Oscar winning short, Harvie Krumpet.

When I visited a Mary and Max exhibition in Geelong a few years ago, I must’ve gotten the wrong imression of Elliot. Clips with his fellow crew members presented Elliot as being rather ungrateful or demanding of his crew. I think that, if Elliot did offer such a demeanour, it would be to spur his colleagues on in producing a world-class feature film (at least this is what I gather from his enthusiasm to make brilliant films). His crew have either misconstrued the motive behind his dealings with them or unfairly demand too much praise.

In general, I found Elliot’s lecture to be so inspiring and his filmmaking style seems to reflect mine. I’m not saying that I want to pursue animation; our similar affinity to filmmaking lies in our approach to “storytelling”. He writes real life people he encounters into his script. I’m always trying to film others around me or document their lives in some way. This is where my life is headed – I know I’m going to end up pointing the camera at everything around me.