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Fletch’s Toilet

Been a while since a review. On a tight scheule here, so off we go.


Spacious, well lit and very privatised. What more could you ask from a dunny in terms of usability?

Seat is clean and the perfect temperature – likely a result of the sunlight coming through nearby window. Well done.

Simple but effective design. Brown floor tiles, white wall tiles. Window is a huge plus: offering a lovely view and natural lighting but also positioned so people can’t see you doing a dookie. Floor space slightly littered.

Second toilet review going strong.
Usability: 10/10
Comfort: 10/10
Feng Shui: 8.5/10

Fletch pioneers great toilet functionality and decor.

Overall: 9.5/10


Second North (Chapel Side)

My friend, LG, suggested a great new variation of reviews: I’m going to evaluate each of the toilets around my college.


As the above photo will attest to, this toilet is well lit. The shape of the cubicle helps isolate noise and a fan above the loo masks onomatoPOOia pretty well too.

The seat proved as inviting as it possibly could be and its temperature was perfect. Big thumbs up.

The room is nicely set up. Standard white wall tiles with a bold checkered red and white design on one row. A small window adds a bit of life and is appropriately high up to prevent the wandering eyes of drivers outside from seeing in. Like most college loo rooms however, this one is relatively small. A poster or two on the toilet door would raise the room’s appeal too.

A very solid loo to be first up for review:
Usability: 9/10
Comfort: 9/10
Feng Shui: 7/10

Good work, Snorth.


Freddo Frog Wrapper

This is my 50th post! A celebration is in order: let’s review the Freddo Frog wrapper I just found in my pocket!


When I look at this, I’m reminded of a yummy chocolate I ate not too long ago. However, the wrapper’s sentimental value does take a beating when I consider that there are tastier Freddos out there (most notably: the strawberry twin pack).

The wrapper is useless. It takes up space in my pocket and if it were to fall out onto the ground, I would be confronted with a moral dilemma. Do I sacrifice a second of my life to be environmentally friendly or do I feign ignorance? A disaster in any case.

Visually, the wrapper offers little – especially in its crumpled and ripped state. My time would be better spent looking at malnourished porcupines or a towel.

So what does this item have to offer?
Sentimentality: 1/10
Practicality: 0/10
Aesthetic Appeal: 1/10

Congratulations, Freddo Frog wrapper – you’re officially the worst item I’ve reviewed.



How awesome is my friend Stella? Came home last night and found this:


A friend who gives you her Dunkaroos is a friend worth having for the rest of your life. I won’t offend people and review humans on my blog but by Jinjo, I’ll make an exception this once and give her an infinity out of 10. Congrats, Stell-dog.


Making the most of a short hiatus from living at college, today I’ll be reviewing the family dog, Toby.


Toby is eleven years old as of last week and shares the same birthday with family friend, Gerard (who I hear follows this blog regularly. If you’re reading this, happy birthday for last week, Gerard!). Toby is simply irreplaceable and I can’t quite fathom what life will be like when he’s ready to sleep in the Great Big Kennel in the Sky.

Toby is good at just about everything a dog should be good at. He likes being patted, is affectionate (he licks people’s toes to say ‘thank you’) and is adorably dopey at times. If there’s one hurdle Toby fails to jump over, it’s going for walks. He pulls on his leash so hard that he wheezes for the entire duration of his walk and he doesn’t see eye-to-eye with any other dog he encounters. At least he’s showing the vitality to be kicking it for another few years.

Though his picture is blurry (silly dog won’t keep still), Toby is one of the most handsome dogs on the planet. He looks to be some sort of mini fox terrier/Jack Russell hybrid and his only blemishes (little black spots that looked like a collection of fleas rather than hair) have recently faded away completely. He also has a ridiculously handsome face that would pull all the women dogs (if he hadn’t been neutered and was less socially incompetent around his own species).

There’s so many great things to say about Toby that can only be captured in a generic ‘out of 10’ rating system:
Sentimentality: 10/10
Practicality: 9/10
Aesthetic Appeal: 10/10

… and with rounding up, Toby scores a perfect (and perhaps biased) grand total…


Yoshi Slippers

Might as well blog about these as they’re on my feet.


These fellas were given to me as a birthday present last year and the person who gave them to me is an absolute babe. I’ve always been fond of everything Nintendo and to be wearing Yosh on my feet is just awesome. They tick all boxes on a sentimental front.

Yoshi slippers are appropriate to wear at just about any occasion. They’ve accompanied me for entire days at a time (I’ve even worn them to uni as part of a dare but did I really need to be dared?
… probably)
One adversity the slippers face is wet weather conditions. My feet get almost as wet as they would without the slippers on rainy days. In terms of overall durability though, I’m surprised the slippers haven’t carked it yet – I wear them just about everyday. A pair of great items to keep your feet warm!

Do I really need to talk about their appearance? Yoshi is awesome so naturally, by extension, the slippers look awesome. They have started many a conversation and I’ve heard many a person say something to the effect of “those slippers are brilliant” (but are people just being nice and actually think I’m a bit of a noob?
… probably)

The Yoshi slippers rate so very highly in my books:

Sentimentality: 10/10
Practicality: 8/10
Aesthetic Appeal:10/10

… with a grand total score of…


Quack Scissors

I’ve always wanted to review films on a blog but a trip to the toilet gives an insufficient amount of time to really delve into the values and vices of such a thing. As I was discussing my blog amongst friends yesterday, it dawned on me that I could still review something in this blog

Kicking off this new genre to my blog, I’ll be reviewing my Quack Scissors today:


Yep, that photo was taken live from the toilet. Let’s quickly break down the Quack Scissors in terms of awesomeness.

I had told a couple of people over breakfast one day how much I wanted to own a pair of Quack Scissors. The following day, I found such a thing waiting for me at my bedroom door as a result of a sort of gift-giving event one might consider in the same league as a Kris Kringle or Secret Santa. The best part was that no one told the person who gifted me the scissors that I wanted them (making them all the more sentimental)!

There is a downside to the scissors. As messy as my room is, I’m constantly searching through the rubble for a reliable pair of scissors – something the Quack Scissors are not. The only thing the scissors have been able to cut through to date is a couple of receipts as these bits of paper were thin enough for the scissors blunt cutting edge (the edge of a feather is sharper).

From an aesthetic viewpoint, the Quack Scissors are a great find. Combining life’s two great elements of a duck and scissors, the overall look of the item is very entertaining. Better yet, it makes a large quacking sound when you separate the handles (annoying for some, delightful for others – like me)!

We can break down the Quack Scissors’ awesomeness as follows:
Sentimentality: 9/10
Practicality: 2/10
Aesthetic Appeal: 8/10

A pretty great item, eh? Add these numbers together, find their average, round to the nearest half decimal and you’ve got…