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Potty Mouth Forever

I find myself running out of things to say here. It’s a sad thought when I think about the aspirations I have for my blog in years to come.

I picture myself aged 94, typing away as I am right now, though I’ll be using an iPhone 2456. Having written over 17,500 blog posts (fairly rough estimate based purely on current habits), I will have become well versed in the ways of writing whilst on the toilet and will have received international acclaim for my online literature.

Oh, to dream…


R.I.P. Eduard Khil (a.k.a. Mr. Trololo)

I was sad to learn yesterday that Eduard Khil, the man who brought joy to many a YouTube surfer, passed away following a stroke. Though I never knew him personally, I’m sure Ed was an all-round good guy who put his friends and family before everything else (this could certainly be inferred from his cheerful persona displayed in the video that made him famous). I have him to thank for many a laugh and hope he’s pulling that cheeky grin wherever he is now. What a guy.

Goodbye, Mr. Trololo.

Internet Etiquette

I enjoy making my blog more visually friendly so here’s a photo of me dressed as a zombie from ‘Plants vs. Zombies’:


A few people I approached on the night of wearing this costume thought I was Salad Fingers and I can definitely see some resemblance in the mask (a mask I’m pretty bloody proud of – though kudos must go to my girlfriend for her papier-mâché skills).

Speaking of Salad Fingers, I’ve got a bone to pick with his creator, David Firth. Firth runs a website called fat-pie.com (never miss the hyphen or you’re asking for trouble), where he uploads cartoons including Salad Fingers and ones of a similar genre. The problem I have with the website is that it’ll sometimes be more than a year between two cartoons being uploaded. If you want to hold onto an audience, update a little bit more frequently, even if the cartoon’s not that long!