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Feeling Overexposed

What a bummer. With the end of the production phase of our documentary looming, we had our “last” shoot today (“last” because we learned, upon playback, the footage is way too overexposed). It’s a fault on no one’s part; I won’t bore you with jargon but we took pretty much all the precautions to make sure the footage turned out awesome but the filmmaker gods frowned upon us today.

Now I’m going to cheer up with some Clash of Kings (yes, I’m a slow reader) and get some other work done.


Livin’ Large

I’m gonna start up a 30 Day Challenge as soon as I’m done with uni later this month. It’s going to be fitness related again as I’ve been seriously out of the loop there and my love handles threaten to return in all their hideous glory.

It’s weird: when I was keeping fit, I was pretty frantic about getting in some form of exercise everyday. Now that uni’s gotten to the business end of the year, sport is less of a concern and I reckon that’s making me less productive. When I’d exercised for the day, I felt as though I’d worked hard enough to be able to sit around the rest of the day and consequently get work done. Now I force myself to sit at my desk and get homeworking right from the get-go.

WELL NO MORE. I will run tomorrow morning (maybe)!


It’s actually astounding how much written reminders are conducive to getting my work done. Who would have thought I’d need an ever-present piece of paper informing me of what needs doing at that very moment in time (my mum probably knew this was necessary, actually).

Though in this age of messy bedrooms we (or maybe just I and a select few) find ourselves in, paper will not suffice in getting the job done. Enter iSticky, a simple Mac application I found when I entered something like ‘sticky notes Mac download’ in Google. It’s my second day of trialling the program and I really am getting stuff done that I probably wouldn’t expect to finish so in advance of deadlines had the app never been developed.

So in conclusion, if you’re suffering a chronic bout of procrastination for as long as I have, get onto iSticky or your PC equivalent, your sanity and uni tutors will love you for it.


I’m so tired that I almost forgot to do a post just now. I want to go back to bed so bad but uni calls.

Two Jay seems to be taking off again. I’m not getting the camera out as much as I’d like to though. I’m preoccupied with bigger things, like an hour long movie I’m making for Queen’s that parodies Game of Thrones. There’s a lot of thinking going into that and it’s taking a massive chunk out of my time but I love it and I know the end result is going to be very satisfying.

Nocturnal Affairs

I’m a night man when it comes to study. During the day, too much crazy shit is going down around college so when all is settled in the evening, I can sit in the peace and quiet and bash out an essay (or, as is the case with most of my assignments, a series of blog posts).

I hope I break out of that habit when I leave college this year or the next. It would be pretty crap if I spent most of the day incapable of doing homework in a place where the only other inhabitants in the house were at uni, at work or boarded up in their rooms being the versatile day-studiers they are.

Just ate some biscuits and cheese. A phenomenal combination every time.

SBS (Sore Brain Syndrome)

I haven’t achieved nearly as much as I’d have liked to do today. My brain just can’t focus on any one thing for too long at the moment. Hopefully thats all going to change for the next few hours. I’m going to sit down at my desk, drink my V8 Juice and bash the best darn documentary treatment that ever existed. Yep.

One Down…

Unaustralia is officially over as of a few hours ago. I’ll miss it – I made some very talented and very great friends with whom I hope I get to work with again in the future. Though having one less commitment is a blessing, given that a bunch of assignments are due this week and Fawlty Towers opens in 9 days…