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Nervous Poo

Ever heard of the nervous poo concept? To some, it’s known as phantom poos (“anxiety shits” was one I just heard) and it’s pretty straightforward.

If you’ve ever had to perform in sport, performing arts, music or elsewhere, you may have encountered the nervous poo. It’s the sensation of one needing to poo but, in reality, they don’t really have to at all.

Tonight, I’m singing for the college band, QCDC, and, as I write this, I’m hatching a plan that will hopefully safeguard against the almost inevitable nervous poo. Only time will tell – there’s probably a 75% chance you’ll get another post from me before I’m due on stage.


Nocturnal Affairs

I’m a night man when it comes to study. During the day, too much crazy shit is going down around college so when all is settled in the evening, I can sit in the peace and quiet and bash out an essay (or, as is the case with most of my assignments, a series of blog posts).

I hope I break out of that habit when I leave college this year or the next. It would be pretty crap if I spent most of the day incapable of doing homework in a place where the only other inhabitants in the house were at uni, at work or boarded up in their rooms being the versatile day-studiers they are.

Just ate some biscuits and cheese. A phenomenal combination every time.

Queen’s, for Sure

Yesterday marked one of the most epic days in my life. Queen’s College won the intercollegiate footy Grand Final and the ground exploded. Queeners swarmed the field and formed one of the largest mosh pits I’d witnessed in recent years. People who had had little to do with each other in the past embraced one another and there were photos and videos taken, songs sung, days made.

And then the night came.

Everyone was ecstatic. Drinks flowed as the victors drank from the premiership cup and it all felt too unreal. It was one of the best days of my life and I had just been a spectator. But I think I and everyone else who barracked for Queens’ victory had been so much more than that. Everyone was so proud of their friends and family and the feeling of camaraderie was unbelievably strong. I can mark that final siren as being one of the top five best moments of my life.

Fire in the Disco

Silent discos are unreal. Such a trippy idea that works so well. It’s pretty funny when you take your headphones off and hear a room full of people singing in a range of keys and losing their shit to seemingly no music. Midnight to 3am, craziest event ever. And what better way to cap it off than with a 5:30am fire alarm. I’m freakin’ tired.