Category: The Best of Times


I keep writing the same stuff. Some of my posts are short enough to be tweets. My girlfriend tells me I take too long on the toilet.

And for those reasons, this is the last Potty Mouth post ever.

It’s a saddish day, but I’m ready to move on to bigger and better things. Expect my blog where I analyse television shows to pop up on your Facebook and Twitter news feeds within a few weeks.

I’ve achieved a lot with Potty Mouth but it has always been a means to an end – a way of practicing how I would write for much more culturally significant blogs. Thanks for hanging around these past 6 months.

Bye for now.


Birthday Poo

There’s nothing like a good ol’ poo to get your birthday rolling. Given that it’s my big day, I feel I can treat myself to talking about poo.

I GOT A CANON 60D. My girlfriend and a lot of brilliant people put in for the present and to say I’m stoked doesn’t begin to describe how I feel. My girlfriend is the biggest and the best babe. I’m also still drunk and that’s pretty remarkable given my last drink was probably close to 12 hours ago (that’s really not a thing to boast about in any case).


Queen’s, for Sure

Yesterday marked one of the most epic days in my life. Queen’s College won the intercollegiate footy Grand Final and the ground exploded. Queeners swarmed the field and formed one of the largest mosh pits I’d witnessed in recent years. People who had had little to do with each other in the past embraced one another and there were photos and videos taken, songs sung, days made.

And then the night came.

Everyone was ecstatic. Drinks flowed as the victors drank from the premiership cup and it all felt too unreal. It was one of the best days of my life and I had just been a spectator. But I think I and everyone else who barracked for Queens’ victory had been so much more than that. Everyone was so proud of their friends and family and the feeling of camaraderie was unbelievably strong. I can mark that final siren as being one of the top five best moments of my life.