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Quack Scissors

I’ve always wanted to review films on a blog but a trip to the toilet gives an insufficient amount of time to really delve into the values and vices of such a thing. As I was discussing my blog amongst friends yesterday, it dawned on me that I could still review something in this blog

Kicking off this new genre to my blog, I’ll be reviewing my Quack Scissors today:


Yep, that photo was taken live from the toilet. Let’s quickly break down the Quack Scissors in terms of awesomeness.

I had told a couple of people over breakfast one day how much I wanted to own a pair of Quack Scissors. The following day, I found such a thing waiting for me at my bedroom door as a result of a sort of gift-giving event one might consider in the same league as a Kris Kringle or Secret Santa. The best part was that no one told the person who gifted me the scissors that I wanted them (making them all the more sentimental)!

There is a downside to the scissors. As messy as my room is, I’m constantly searching through the rubble for a reliable pair of scissors – something the Quack Scissors are not. The only thing the scissors have been able to cut through to date is a couple of receipts as these bits of paper were thin enough for the scissors blunt cutting edge (the edge of a feather is sharper).

From an aesthetic viewpoint, the Quack Scissors are a great find. Combining life’s two great elements of a duck and scissors, the overall look of the item is very entertaining. Better yet, it makes a large quacking sound when you separate the handles (annoying for some, delightful for others – like me)!

We can break down the Quack Scissors’ awesomeness as follows:
Sentimentality: 9/10
Practicality: 2/10
Aesthetic Appeal: 8/10

A pretty great item, eh? Add these numbers together, find their average, round to the nearest half decimal and you’ve got…