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Livin’ Large

I’m gonna start up a 30 Day Challenge as soon as I’m done with uni later this month. It’s going to be fitness related again as I’ve been seriously out of the loop there and my love handles threaten to return in all their hideous glory.

It’s weird: when I was keeping fit, I was pretty frantic about getting in some form of exercise everyday. Now that uni’s gotten to the business end of the year, sport is less of a concern and I reckon that’s making me less productive. When I’d exercised for the day, I felt as though I’d worked hard enough to be able to sit around the rest of the day and consequently get work done. Now I force myself to sit at my desk and get homeworking right from the get-go.

WELL NO MORE. I will run tomorrow morning (maybe)!


Quickest 365 Days Ever…

Again, I have a show in half an hour and therefore must choof off. If there’s anything I can leave you with, it’s that my 365 Day Challenge is a shambles because I haven’t done a challenge for almost two weeks. Fun while it lasted. Perhaps 365 Day Challenge was a bit extreme and I could just do a challenge when I feel like it and when I have time on my hands. Yeah.

Janine and Brett

My next 30 Day Challenge will be to keep a dream diary because I’ve been having some wicked dreams lately.

Last night’s dream probably wasn’t that exciting but I thought it definitely meant something. Basically, we had three family dogs. Along with Toby, there was a Border Collie and a short haired Golden Retriever-like pup. They didn’t have names but for argument’s sake, let’s call them Janine and Brett respectively.

I think our family should definitely invest in purchasing Janine and Brett. One overriding thought I had in the dream was that when it’s time for Toby to move on from his life as a dog, Dad won’t be too sad and have to take time off work because Janine and Brett will be there to comfort him. He’ll still be very sad, but not as sad as if he didn’t have Janine or Brett. But he might be then really saddened by the fact that Janine and Brett aren’t very good dog names at all but they’re the only dogs he’s got left.
So, yep: next challenge locked in. But for now, I’m off to do some push ups.

Near Miss

That was lucky: at a quarter to midnight I was reminded by my most recent blog post that I was only two fifths of the way through my challenge for the day. Needless to say, my boobies hurt a bit right now.

3 days into my 365 Day Challenge and I’ve almost failed already… how am I going to remind myself of the challenge every day?!

365 Day Challenge

I watched an inspiring TED Talk on 30 Day Challenges the other day. The premise is simple: try something new that you’ve always wanted to try, and do it for 30 days straight.

And as of yesterday, so begins my goal of doing twelve 30 Day Challenges in a year. Come the 4th of July next year, I will have hopefully overcome some great challenges. They will all prove difficult to some degree – these are things that I will have always wanted to do but there’s been some sort of limitation that I must now push past. For the first challenge (100 push-ups a day), the limitation is plain ol’ laziness, perhaps the greatest limitation of all. But I will persevere (80 more to go today)!