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Smelly Fingertips

That song about “having nothing to hide” is playing somewhere. What a great song. I could sit here all night and listen to it… just key changed – fantastic.

I think all this humidity has fried my brain.

I filmed some stuff at a cemetery today. I thought we’d get told off but we didn’t.

A friend bought me some Doritos, Tiny Teddies, chocolate and a big bottle of lemon, lime and bitters. Lucky me.

Another friend played the recorder and it sounded a bit like this.


No Loops for You

We need genetically modified tomatoes.

It hasn’t happened lately, but there have been countless times where the seeds in sundried tomatoes have burnt my mouth because of their preposterously high temperature when toasted in a sammich. It’s only a matter of time before I peel off the roof of my mouth again.

Froot Loops are a piece of work too. Did anyone used to get that bit at the front of the mouth roof swollen from all the sugar in that cereal? That probably didn’t make sense but I’m sticking by it.

Food & Women

Bain-maries and Lazy Susans. What made women’s names and food come together?

Reading up on bain-maries, it becomes clear that the names Marie or Mary became attributed to what we now know to be the bain-marie at the time of its invention. I lament this because I think a word like bain-rochelle is far catchier and would boost sales of the item exponentially.

But as for Lazy Susan, Wikipedia claims there’s no concrete evidence as to why Susan has emerged the top choice for naming the revolving tabletop. What will they think of next? An automated microwave (Active Betty)? A compartmentalised container for holding multiple cereals (All-Purpose Claire)?

Snack Analysis

Grain Waves are quite honestly one of the most deceptively unworthy snacks. Sure, they taste pretty bloody good when you eat them, but all it takes is one or two and within minutes you’ve got a gross feeling in your mouth and throat akin to that which accompanies the common hangover. Even when I have a whole pack of cheese supreme Doritos to myself, I’m not nearly as ill when I reach the bottom of the packet.

In other snack related news, I’ve recently discovered that the chocolate coating around Maltesers has drastically improved. Still doesn’t top the ol’ M&Ms in popcorn combo.

Luck of the Irish

To cap off the first week of this semester, I had my first lecture and tute for my Television Cultures elective today. I knew I was on to a good thing when my lecturer quoted Arya Stark whilst discussing the no-character-is-safe aesthetic of HBO series’. Essentially, I was lectured on potentially the most interesting topic ever.

And it’s all got me thinking: if I felt as engrossed in today’s uni material like never before, is television production my true calling? With some luck, at the end of next year when I finish my degree, I’ll feck off to Northern Ireland, bribe HBO producers (with what? I’ll figure that out later) and help out with making the fourth series of Game of Thrones. Come awards season 2015, I’ll have my first of many Emmys and can buy really nice cologne and an endless supply of Doritos. Done.