Half Year Old

At midnight tonight, Potty Mouth turns half a year old. Let’s reflect on the half-year that was.

This entry marks the 123rd post over 184 days (by my calculation). That’s roughly 2 posts every 3 days. Nice.

I’ve been staying afloat posting about my daily activities and other mindless rabble but it’s time to concede that Potty Mouth isn’t going to reach one year at this rate. I need to make some radical change – mix up what I blog about or even break the code and change when I blog.

But I can’t do it without you. Where do you want to see Potty Mouth go? To dizzying new heights or vanish from the cyber world completely? Please comment!


One comment

  1. Luke Picone

    I like pottymouth and have since it’s birth early this year.
    The snippets of odd thought is what draws me in. Making things public which may seem so tiny so as to be insignificant is what makes this thing work. I hope to see potty mouth continue well into the future.

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