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Janine and Brett

My next 30 Day Challenge will be to keep a dream diary because I’ve been having some wicked dreams lately.

Last night’s dream probably wasn’t that exciting but I thought it definitely meant something. Basically, we had three family dogs. Along with Toby, there was a Border Collie and a short haired Golden Retriever-like pup. They didn’t have names but for argument’s sake, let’s call them Janine and Brett respectively.

I think our family should definitely invest in purchasing Janine and Brett. One overriding thought I had in the dream was that when it’s time for Toby to move on from his life as a dog, Dad won’t be too sad and have to take time off work because Janine and Brett will be there to comfort him. He’ll still be very sad, but not as sad as if he didn’t have Janine or Brett. But he might be then really saddened by the fact that Janine and Brett aren’t very good dog names at all but they’re the only dogs he’s got left.
So, yep: next challenge locked in. But for now, I’m off to do some push ups.