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iPoo: First Impressions

Just finished my first iPoo session and I’ve gotta say, I’m quite disappointed overall.

Every promising feature had a major fallacy. Firstly, I’m a stickler for stats and iPoo records a bunch of them. Every time you open the app, it counts a +1 toward having sat on the loo. Lies. What if a friend opened the app while I ducked off somewhere and they ruined my seamless 8,347 loo sits with a false number? iPoo admin did not think that through.

I was eager to start posting, so I sent a message out… to nowhere. As of right now, there’s no record of the post I did and the writing I contributed to the virtual cubicle door. I’d check back every once in a while to see if it takes a while to refresh but no, iPoo would produce false stats about loo visits.

I feel iPoo has the potential to be the app that changes the world; its creator could well become the next ‘Time Magazine Person of the Year’. But there are some serious things that need fixing. Get your shit together, iPoo.