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Exploding Muscles

Can you lose a leg to a corked quad muscle?

My high school P.E. teacher once told me an elite athlete friend of his got hit so hard on the arm by a ball once that his tricep exploded. Never to be unexploded again. Imagine having no tricep. Despite having no tricep, the man continued to have his arm. Nice.

But I feel a exploded quad is something you can’t get away with. My quad is just corked, thank goodness, but if it exploded one day, would the leg have to go with it? I just can’t see someone with a missing quadricep walking around without his dead leg getting in the way of most activities. I shudder to think of this.


Livin’ Large

I’m gonna start up a 30 Day Challenge as soon as I’m done with uni later this month. It’s going to be fitness related again as I’ve been seriously out of the loop there and my love handles threaten to return in all their hideous glory.

It’s weird: when I was keeping fit, I was pretty frantic about getting in some form of exercise everyday. Now that uni’s gotten to the business end of the year, sport is less of a concern and I reckon that’s making me less productive. When I’d exercised for the day, I felt as though I’d worked hard enough to be able to sit around the rest of the day and consequently get work done. Now I force myself to sit at my desk and get homeworking right from the get-go.

WELL NO MORE. I will run tomorrow morning (maybe)!

Putting it Bluntly

Man, I love mini golf. To kick off Father’s Day festivities today, my family and our partners all got down to Adventure Golf near Queenscliff. The very concept of mini golf has never ceased to amaze me and I’m constantly reminded of how lucky I am to live in a country that really gets around the sport.

That being said, we need to see more of it on more media. Pay-per-view subscriptions would skyrocket with the introduction of mini golf to sports channels ESPN or FOX Sports. Every game could be as unpredictable as the next: will it be a volcano or a windmill this time? There’s no real limit to what you could have as an obstacle so I imagine we could see some pretty exceptional things as the sport develops on television. Potential for Olympics 2016?

Queen’s, for Sure

Yesterday marked one of the most epic days in my life. Queen’s College won the intercollegiate footy Grand Final and the ground exploded. Queeners swarmed the field and formed one of the largest mosh pits I’d witnessed in recent years. People who had had little to do with each other in the past embraced one another and there were photos and videos taken, songs sung, days made.

And then the night came.

Everyone was ecstatic. Drinks flowed as the victors drank from the premiership cup and it all felt too unreal. It was one of the best days of my life and I had just been a spectator. But I think I and everyone else who barracked for Queens’ victory had been so much more than that. Everyone was so proud of their friends and family and the feeling of camaraderie was unbelievably strong. I can mark that final siren as being one of the top five best moments of my life.

The Bolt and the Beard

Pretty keen to go back to bed; had 4 hours sleep but got up to watch Usain Bolt dominate the 100m sprint.

What a race. In the end though, Bolt didn’t even have to stick his head forward the way he did. He loves doing that silly post-race pose, eh?

I feel sorry for Asafa Powell. Then again, if you wear a yellow goatee like that, the running gods will surely frown upon you and chuck an injury your way.

The Return of Sporty Lad?

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I’m not the tallest of guys, so when it comes to playing contact sports, pitting me against the giant isn’t the best idea. You can imagine the task that befell me, then, when I was placed in the ruck during a footy match today. You can then imagine my surprise when I won the first ever ruck contest I was involved in (a victory overshadowed by a string of losses that followed).

And yet despite the fact that I am an extremely average sportsman, I found myself thinking that I could spend all day on the field. Could I be going back to the beginning? Is my lust for sport reborn?

365 Day Challenge

I watched an inspiring TED Talk on 30 Day Challenges the other day. The premise is simple: try something new that you’ve always wanted to try, and do it for 30 days straight.

And as of yesterday, so begins my goal of doing twelve 30 Day Challenges in a year. Come the 4th of July next year, I will have hopefully overcome some great challenges. They will all prove difficult to some degree – these are things that I will have always wanted to do but there’s been some sort of limitation that I must now push past. For the first challenge (100 push-ups a day), the limitation is plain ol’ laziness, perhaps the greatest limitation of all. But I will persevere (80 more to go today)!