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Freddo Frog Wrapper

This is my 50th post! A celebration is in order: let’s review the Freddo Frog wrapper I just found in my pocket!


When I look at this, I’m reminded of a yummy chocolate I ate not too long ago. However, the wrapper’s sentimental value does take a beating when I consider that there are tastier Freddos out there (most notably: the strawberry twin pack).

The wrapper is useless. It takes up space in my pocket and if it were to fall out onto the ground, I would be confronted with a moral dilemma. Do I sacrifice a second of my life to be environmentally friendly or do I feign ignorance? A disaster in any case.

Visually, the wrapper offers little – especially in its crumpled and ripped state. My time would be better spent looking at malnourished porcupines or a towel.

So what does this item have to offer?
Sentimentality: 1/10
Practicality: 0/10
Aesthetic Appeal: 1/10

Congratulations, Freddo Frog wrapper – you’re officially the worst item I’ve reviewed.




At last… the elusive Saturday blog post is finally realised. Given my habit to skip a day or two of blogging, this might mean only one thing:


It seems a good day for acknowledging milestones. As of a couple of days ago, Potty Mouth has officially been viewed from every continent. A big hello to citizens from the many regions of the planet; some as far as the Netherlands, Dominican Republic and Japan (though I’m pretty sure the views from the latter country are from my brother and his boyfriend who are currently on holidays there. In any case, こんにちは)!