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Snakes on a Loo

There’s a live moth on the floor.

Having animals crawling round the cubicle is just the worst. But it doesn’t come to close to my snake fear. From time to time, I get the notion that a snake is going to slither through the drain and into the toilet bowl, waiting to strike out at… well, I don’t need to explain myself any more than that.

It’s likely never to happen but just imagine if it did. Oh God, the moth’s moving, I’m out of here.


The 1st Biannual Potty Mouth Competition

Potty Mouth is coming up on its sixth month anniversary in about a fortnight. To commemorate this, ten lucky readers will receive a limited edition poop-in-a-box, fresh from the dunny. To enter the competition, send your name, address and phone number to trussell91@hotmail.com and write an answer to the following question in 25 words or less:

If a hyena and a poop fought one another, who would win and why?

Good luck!

DISCLAIMER: Winners will not actually receive poops. I don’t have a good supply of boxes and I don’t know if poops can handle traveling to distant locations. Sorry.