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The Man with the Plans

At this time in two weeks, I will be lapping up the first day of my super-extended Summer break. Here are some goals for the holiday period that I’ve just come up with:
– Earn butt loads of money.
– Watch some great TV (I’ve notably got The Sopranos to catch up on most of all).
– Make another documentary.
– Go see mah girlfriend in Perth.
– Do some other awesome things.

These seem as good a place to start as any.



At last… the elusive Saturday blog post is finally realised. Given my habit to skip a day or two of blogging, this might mean only one thing:


It seems a good day for acknowledging milestones. As of a couple of days ago, Potty Mouth has officially been viewed from every continent. A big hello to citizens from the many regions of the planet; some as far as the Netherlands, Dominican Republic and Japan (though I’m pretty sure the views from the latter country are from my brother and his boyfriend who are currently on holidays there. In any case, こんにちは)!