I keep writing the same stuff. Some of my posts are short enough to be tweets. My girlfriend tells me I take too long on the toilet.

And for those reasons, this is the last Potty Mouth post ever.

It’s a saddish day, but I’m ready to move on to bigger and better things. Expect my blog where I analyse television shows to pop up on your Facebook and Twitter news feeds within a few weeks.

I’ve achieved a lot with Potty Mouth but it has always been a means to an end – a way of practicing how I would write for much more culturally significant blogs. Thanks for hanging around these past 6 months.

Bye for now.


Should I patent this?

I have little sympathy for people who make status updates about how they can’t sleep. If you suffer a bout of insomnia, telling your Facebook community about it isn’t going to help you drift off any quicker.

There needs to be an iPhone app for this niche demographic of socially-conscious, sleep-deprived individuals. Sensing movement and sound patterns, the phone detects when the Facebook user is or isn’t conscious during normal hours to be asleep. The smartphone then automatically issues a status update for the online world to see, without the user having to lift a finger (or, in this case, an eyelid).

Half Year Old

At midnight tonight, Potty Mouth turns half a year old. Let’s reflect on the half-year that was.

This entry marks the 123rd post over 184 days (by my calculation). That’s roughly 2 posts every 3 days. Nice.

I’ve been staying afloat posting about my daily activities and other mindless rabble but it’s time to concede that Potty Mouth isn’t going to reach one year at this rate. I need to make some radical change – mix up what I blog about or even break the code and change when I blog.

But I can’t do it without you. Where do you want to see Potty Mouth go? To dizzying new heights or vanish from the cyber world completely? Please comment!

Smelly Fingertips

That song about “having nothing to hide” is playing somewhere. What a great song. I could sit here all night and listen to it… just key changed – fantastic.

I think all this humidity has fried my brain.

I filmed some stuff at a cemetery today. I thought we’d get told off but we didn’t.

A friend bought me some Doritos, Tiny Teddies, chocolate and a big bottle of lemon, lime and bitters. Lucky me.

Another friend played the recorder and it sounded a bit like this.

Fletch’s Toilet

Been a while since a review. On a tight scheule here, so off we go.


Spacious, well lit and very privatised. What more could you ask from a dunny in terms of usability?

Seat is clean and the perfect temperature – likely a result of the sunlight coming through nearby window. Well done.

Simple but effective design. Brown floor tiles, white wall tiles. Window is a huge plus: offering a lovely view and natural lighting but also positioned so people can’t see you doing a dookie. Floor space slightly littered.

Second toilet review going strong.
Usability: 10/10
Comfort: 10/10
Feng Shui: 8.5/10

Fletch pioneers great toilet functionality and decor.

Overall: 9.5/10

The Others take you, George R.R. Martin!

Why did I read that A Storm of Swords chapter?

Ever since I audibly gasped on the Marshall-bound train this morning, I’ve been thinking about what is probably the most intense chapter I’ve read from George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series to date. At Les Mis rehearsal I couldn’t concentrate, watching the ever-so-overrated The Walking Dead I couldn’t concentrate, and doing my two assignments due tomorrow I could not concentrate.

Mr. Martin, you make a damn fine novel but boy do you know how to disrupt my day, ser.