Tagged: Scarred for Life


It’s an online craze at the moment, but I can’t wait for Slender‘s appeal to die down.

There’s something uniquely terrifying about this game. I’ve played survival horrors before where there’s always been some respite from the impending cause of death, but this is non-stop, scream-inducing madness. From the get-go, you have to will yourself to find eight notes in an enclosed wooded area, with a limited torch battery and some soon-to-soiled underwear. The threat: a skinny black figure with a plain white oval for a face – the slender man.

This fella should not be scary. But when he starts generating static on your screen and you turn and he’s just staring at you and some frightful ‘duh-duh’ music kicks in, many a shit will be lost. To make matters worse, the foreboding soundscape kicks in another creepy sound or music effect every time you pick up another note and the slender man becomes more skilled at keeping up with you.

Didn’t wanna sleep tonight anyway.