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End of an Era

I just booked my first haircut in about 6 months. I’ve saved a buttload of money in that time but I have to concede that I look absolutely preposterous at the moment. I remember being terrified, for no viable reason, that my hair wasn’t going to grow back when I shaved it. Now I’m verging on Super Saiyan and there was really nothing to ever worry about.

I miss my mohawk though. For a while there, people would have been thinking “now there’s a weird unit” but now I’m only weird in the sense that my haircut is well overdue. Don’t you hate those whispy sideburn bits that curl over people’s ears? Yeah, I’ve got them right now. And I’m growing an equally hideous moustache and goatee for a film project of mine.

Anywho, here’s a photo of my friend being silly.



Nocturnal Affairs

I’m a night man when it comes to study. During the day, too much crazy shit is going down around college so when all is settled in the evening, I can sit in the peace and quiet and bash out an essay (or, as is the case with most of my assignments, a series of blog posts).

I hope I break out of that habit when I leave college this year or the next. It would be pretty crap if I spent most of the day incapable of doing homework in a place where the only other inhabitants in the house were at uni, at work or boarded up in their rooms being the versatile day-studiers they are.

Just ate some biscuits and cheese. A phenomenal combination every time.

SBS (Sore Brain Syndrome)

I haven’t achieved nearly as much as I’d have liked to do today. My brain just can’t focus on any one thing for too long at the moment. Hopefully thats all going to change for the next few hours. I’m going to sit down at my desk, drink my V8 Juice and bash the best darn documentary treatment that ever existed. Yep.

Quickest 365 Days Ever…

Again, I have a show in half an hour and therefore must choof off. If there’s anything I can leave you with, it’s that my 365 Day Challenge is a shambles because I haven’t done a challenge for almost two weeks. Fun while it lasted. Perhaps 365 Day Challenge was a bit extreme and I could just do a challenge when I feel like it and when I have time on my hands. Yeah.

Nips ‘n’ Hips

I’ve got things to see and people to do so this one’s gonna be short.

Third nipples, eh? I’ve got one but I know someone who’s got four altogether. Do you know extra nipples can appear anywhere along two imaginary lines called the milk lines? The lines start from your actual nips and make their way toward your hips. In fact, a friend of mine went to school with a guy who had one on each hip and they called him Hipples and he wore a rash vest when he went swimming. Gee, that’s rough.

Vale My Brain

I’ve never felt so dumb as I did in one of my tutes yesterday. The tutor spoke at a million miles per hour and I found it strange that, not only were some students keeping up with what was being said, they readily challenged what was being discussed by the tutor. Rarely, if ever, have I struggled to at least follow what was being argued in class. I don’t know whether everyone’s getting smarter or if I’m getting dumber but I definitely questioned my academic ability in the cold corner of that tute room.