The Last Waltz

I finally got round to watching the season 5 premiere of Breaking Bad today (15 minutes of it anyway). It’s great to see our arguably greatest anti-hero of the small screen, Walter White, back in action for the last time…

… though it’s not really the last time with the fifth and final season split into two parts over two years. Why not just call it the fifth and sixth seasons instead of going all Sopranos on us?

That being said, AMC have done a good thing on calling it quits for Breaking Bad at the end of this season. It’s one of my favourite shows of all time but all good stories must come to an end and I would hate to see a great show lose the plot because of a production company’s lust for money (see Weeds). The climax of Breaking Bad season 4 would suggest Walt’s ticked off just about everything on the list of number one badass things to do when you’re a chemistry teacher turned meth cook and AMC have rightfully called it time to pack up his lab.


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