Yoshi Slippers

Might as well blog about these as they’re on my feet.


These fellas were given to me as a birthday present last year and the person who gave them to me is an absolute babe. I’ve always been fond of everything Nintendo and to be wearing Yosh on my feet is just awesome. They tick all boxes on a sentimental front.

Yoshi slippers are appropriate to wear at just about any occasion. They’ve accompanied me for entire days at a time (I’ve even worn them to uni as part of a dare but did I really need to be dared?
… probably)
One adversity the slippers face is wet weather conditions. My feet get almost as wet as they would without the slippers on rainy days. In terms of overall durability though, I’m surprised the slippers haven’t carked it yet – I wear them just about everyday. A pair of great items to keep your feet warm!

Do I really need to talk about their appearance? Yoshi is awesome so naturally, by extension, the slippers look awesome. They have started many a conversation and I’ve heard many a person say something to the effect of “those slippers are brilliant” (but are people just being nice and actually think I’m a bit of a noob?
… probably)

The Yoshi slippers rate so very highly in my books:

Sentimentality: 10/10
Practicality: 8/10
Aesthetic Appeal:10/10

… with a grand total score of…



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